on-top: this was inspired by a Dylan Thomas quote: “do not go gentle into that dark night. rage, rage against the dying of the light.” A title’s in there somewhere.
bottom: “Abandoned Wonder Eye.”

i love taking 2 separate drawings & merging them one on top of the other. it’s a “technique” that fits with an overall theme i’ve got going: i’ve always believed that reality had a surface level, smooth as glass, and beneath it exists a darkness made-up of all we’ve had to suppress, in order to stay up there. Whatever we hold inside soon becomes wildly uncontainable. so we squeeze it, let it trickle down our spine, our legs, till we shudder the pain out through the bottoms of our feet, and flys down through the earth, to the silent dark of depthless wonder; a place filled with glints of pale light, w/ peripheral shadows flitting back to the black before you can see them. it’s a reality of all things unknowable, all we’ve yet to know, where those childish thoughts go after being dismissed.
i like to show these two worlds together, & how they could choose to react to the other’s proximity. acceptance, denial, knowing there’s something there, but unable to turn, to look directly in eachother’s eyes.
… and that’s the short version. :)

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