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ok, let’s try posting a link that actually works, because i’d really love for people to have access to my art-gallery.
i would be so grateful if people could take a moment & look through a few of my artworks. Just skim through, for no more than the length of a still-framed, attenuated glance.

for that to happen, however, i probably need to fix my site’s wonky-inexplicables that seem to be occurring at an increasing rate, meaning the link you kind strangers have potentially clicked will lead you nowhere but to a page of said Wonky.
This link should lead you directly to the gallery’s first page of my artwork. if it fails to do this, i’m dropping this whole art thing, to go shopping for a new nihilistic wardrobe of Salvo tatters & faux leather, which i will then decorate w/ duct-tape. These, i believe, are the only stipulations for joining the prestigious ranks of the peaceably perturbed Philly Anarchists.
so, i’m sorta hoping this link works. if it does, please feel free to comment and criticize constructively! i love that stuff!
thank you all, for persisting through this really unnecessarily lengthy lamentation of mine.
i’m really sorry!

ok, it works! just click the link, then scroll up to the top of the first gallery page. to see more, cllick on the Menu button and scroll down to my other gallery title pages.
Gallery | MindsEye, Magnified.

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